Thursday, November 15, 2012

Restoring Homes To Their Pre-Loss Conditiong - Arizona

Restoring Your Home To Pre-Loss Condition

In order to restore and repair your home to its pre-loss condition is to repair Phoenix water damage from any level of water damage. In order to begin the restoration process companies like ASAP Restoration LLC mus first find the source of the damage. In many cases, the source comes from floods, storms, or plumbing issues in the home. Once we identify the source of the water damage, we can then begin to dry out all areas affected by the water. Once our team of water damage restoration professionals dries out the water we then begin the mold testing process. 

It is important to test for mold right away because if this precaution is not taken the home will need to be repaired again if mold spores grow on wet surfaces of the area, thus it will be a waste of time and dollars. After we have tested for mold and if needed, started the mold removal process, our team can then begin to repair the damage. Upon completion of the damage repair, we will replace all walls, paint, and structural damage as if the Arizona flood damage or Phoenix water damage never happened.

ASAP Restoration LLC is a fully licensed and certified water damage restoration contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. We are available 24 hours a day. Contact us any time at 480-304-7629.